Terms & Conditions

Please read the conditions as they are set out upon which The Ornate Travel Centre Pty Ltd ABN 14 159 904 828 will accept bookings. The Ornate Travel Centre Pty Ltd is a licensed travel agent and full member of the Australia Federation of Travel Agents ( ATFA ) in addition to being ATAS accredited, and we reserve the right to change booking conditions.

Product Validity

The product displayed on the website www.ornatetravel.com.au  is valid from 01 Jan 2020 and is valid until 31 Dec 2020. The content supplied on the website is supplied by third party suppliers and is subject to change or alteration in regards to price or product without notice.

Third Party Providers

You acknowledge that:

  1. we are not a tour, event, accommodation provider.
  2. we act on behalf of 3RD party provider.
  3. We have no responsibility for nor do we have representation for any 3rd party supplier, their products, and their services. Nor do we champion any 3rd party service or product represented on www.ornatetravel.com.au Often original suppliers will impose their own charges & conditions for their use & availability and as such will impose their own cancellation & refund polices in relation to personal injury, death, delay, & loss or damage to baggage.
  4. Please note all tours involving nature/forests/rivers/sea and animal spotting are subject to possible alterations at the last minute without notice.

Deposit & Final Payments

Non refundable deposits of AUD$250.00 must be received within 7 days of receipt of invoice, in addition to some products requiring a higher deposit. A deposit payment signifies acceptance of all the booking conditions outlined on the www.ornatetravel.com.au website. We are not liable for the supplier to change the price until final payment has been made and failure to pay a deposit or full payment by the due date may result in the cancellation of the booking.  Final payment must be received 45 days prior to departure and for bookings made within 45 days, full payment is required within 3 days of confirmation. Upon receipt of a deposit the passenger agrees to be bound to the terms and conditions.

Service Fee’s and Charges

We reserve the right to charge a service fee to facilitate a booking on your behalf. If after the 1st change to a booking, further changes are required a service fee of $33.00 including GST will be applied per person to the booking.


All pricing expressed on www.ornatetravel.com.au is done so in Australian Dollars unless specified otherwise. We always strive to in our efforts to limit price fluctuations however, may be required to due to such instances such as, currency fluctuations, local government legislation changes, fuel charges or other outside influences that cause a price change.

Company Liability

The Ornate Travel Centre Pty Ltd shall to the maximum extent permitted by law not be held liable to the client or any person travelling with him/her for the death, sickness, personal injury, loss, accident, or luggage damage. The Ornate Travel Centre Pty Ltd likewise will not be liable for any default by an hotelier, carrier, or person employed or professionally engaged by them.

Travel Documentation

Final travel documentation can only be issued & released after final payment has been made & clear finds received. Final travel documentation will be dispatched two weeks prior to departure from Australia and will be in the form of electronic documentation, unless greater than AUD $1000 in value per person.

Cancellation by the Passenger

All cancellations made by the passenger will be non refundable unless in the event of death to Mother/Father/Brother/Sister/Son or Daughter. A service charge may be applied by our supplier and carried on to the passenger. For all cancellations received outside 60 days, a deposit of $250.00 shall be no refundable, for cancellations between 60 – 12 days a 25% cancellation fee will apply and for cancellations between 11-0 days prior to departure no refund will apply.

Cancellations & Amendments by Ornate Travel Centre

The Ornate Travel Centre Pty Ltd reserves the right to amend, reschedule or cancel any itinerary due to circumstances out of our control or due to operating requirements by our supplier. In addition to costs incurred from the supplier The Ornate Travel Centre Pty Ltd will charge $33.00 inclusive of GST per person per amendment.

Passports and Visa’s

The visa information expressed on this website is advice pertaining to the Australian passport holder however, it is the responsibility of the traveller to ensure they adhere to the correct customs and immigrations laws and The Ornate Travel Centre Pty Ltd will hold no liability nor incur costs should a passenger be denied entry due to incorrect passport or immigration documentation.

Travel Insurance

The Ornate Travel Centre Pty Ltd strongly recommends travelling clients obtain the correct and appropriate level of travel insurance before entering the country of travel. The Ornate Travel Centre Pty Ltd cannot be held liable at any time for additional expenditure that is associated with any product we represent.

Travel Agents Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of every travel agent who engages the services of The Ornate Travel Centre Pty Ltd to maintain accurate records in regards to itinerary information, correct receipt / payment of monies, correct passenger names and other information deemed pertinent. The Ornate Travel Centre will not be liable for additional expenditure due to agent error.

Changes to Airline schedules

The Ornate Travel Centre Pty Ltd is not responsible or liable for additional costs incurred due to re-scheduling of flights by the airlines.

Consumer Claims

At The Ornate Travel Centre Pty Ltd we make every effort to ensure your travel arrangements run to perfection however, occasionally due to matters out of our control problems may arise. It is prudent to communicate concerns with persons of responsibility such as a guide or hotel duty manager in such matters however, if no reasonable resolution is achieved, we ask that you document in writing detailing the issues and efforts made by parties to find a resolution and forward to us no later than 30 days from the date of service. Complaints made outside of such a time frame will not be considered.

On the Ground Support

Every supplier The Ornate Travel Centre Pty Ltd secures services from have local offices and contact details will be on clients travel documentation. In the event of a client in the middle of  travelling who make alterations to fully paid existing services The Ornate Travel Centre Pty Ltd bears no responsibility or liability to such services and payment will be made by said client directly to the ground operator. As such any complaint arising from an alteration from a fully paid service The Ornate Travel Centre Pty Ltd holds no liability for any claim.