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Ornate Travel Centre - Melbourne

International Travel is still something to be valued, respected and appreciated however, the travel industry in Australia has become a race to the bottom. Consumers over the past decade have been schooled by local, in addition to offshore travel companies to look for the cheapest tickets, the lowest cost of travel, without proper consideration for the company pricing structure, subsidizing of travel arrangements, and pure old value for money. Well at the Ornate Travel Centre we respect, follow and live by the following values:

O – Original

R – Recreational

N – Nature

A – Authentic

T – Travel

E – Experience


At The Ornate Travel Centre Pty Ltd we have decided to return to some old fashion values that combine service, expertise, on the ground support, and of course value for money. If your only goal is to obtain the cheapest cost, then we suggest you close our webpage down and visit elsewhere now however, if you want the best value for money, reputable travel partners, and assuring your money is safe, then you should continue to read further. The itineraries you find within this website are a combination of fully escorted tours and suggested itineraries that have been hand crafted after years of research, development and client feedback and the accommodation is simply a range of the product we have at our disposal to sell.  If your requests are a little unique or you require a certain something, we are more than happy to try to facilitate your requests and ensure your needs are met with the intention you get the most out of your travel experience. At the Ornate Travel Centre we are proudly 100% Australian owned and operated who deal with our retail travel partners across Australia as well as the travelling public direct who are welcome to email or call us directly.

Without a learned travel agent, you are nowhere!