August 10, 2020

In August of 2015, we were privileged to travel to DaNang, Vietnam and stay at the Fusion Suites. Our flights to DaNang were on Vietnam Airlines who are perfect to travel with, well organized, on time and the staff was very pleasant to deal with. We obtained our Vietnam Visas before we left Australia and personally, I have also obtained it on arrival and it is my strong recommendation that if you have the opportunity, always obtain your Vietnam Visa in Australia before you leave. By obtaining the visa before you leave means you do not need to queue at Tan Son Nhat Ho Chi Minh Airport to obtain a visa, and on numerous occasions, I have seen the queue extend over 50 meters and take over 1 hour to obtain. If you are transferring in Ho Chi Minh and only have a 2 hours transit, obtaining the visa at the airport will place time pressure on you to make your connecting flight. For those unaware, if you are transferring in Tan Son Nhat Airport from an International flight to a Domestic flight, once you clear customs and come down the escalators you must turn right, surrender your luggage and walk the 200 meters or so to the domestic terminal. On arrival, you will need to go upstairs and queue in the line to check-in for your domestic flight, obtain your boarding pass, clear security and then make your way into the departure hall. This process if done in the late afternoon can take some time so if you are traveling as a family, or you have a short transit time at Tan Son Nhat Airport please do yourself a favor and obtain your Vietnam Visa before you leave Australia!


Like most regional airports in Asia, DaNang Airport is clean & efficient and once we disembarked from the aircraft it was a short wait to collect luggage, clear security and meet our driver who transferred us to the Fusion Suites. We completed check procedures quickly and as it was very late at night we were tired from a full day of traveling, it was time for bed and a night of decent sleep.


We woke after a long peaceful sleep and wandered downstairs for Breakfast. A great selection of food was available from a full cooked breakfast to fruits, juices and cakes. After enjoying breakfast, it was time to explore and make use of the beach. Now the beach is located on the other side of a busy road from the hotel, so the hotel has a permanent staff which safely escort patrons, and this is a lovely touch! This beach is one of the nicest I have seen for 3 reasons, 1- The beach is approx 80 meters deep, its beautiful with no plants or trees, just perfect sand, 2- The Fusion Suites own all the land from the road to the water’s edge, and as it is private you do not have strangers walking along the beach and 3 – the water is very safe here, with only a small swell and no serious undercurrent making it safe for young children to swim, the exception to this is during the wet season starting in Oct each year. In addition to a lovely beach, the Fusion Suites Pool is located beachside, with an open bar and plenty of deck chairs facing the ocean. Many a day were spent here and for those looking for a relaxing time, this was a perfect way to spend some time.


When we travel one of our goals is to eat local cuisine, and if you are a seafood fan and staying at the Fusion Suites, located on both sides are open-air traditional Vietnamese Seafood Restaurants. Suffice to say not only did we dine here several evenings, but I also ventured to them during lunchtime. Allow me to paint this picture as to why…..1 dozen fresh Oysters cooked the traditional Vietnamese way and a long neck of local beer for AUD$8.00…SOLD! When we dined for the evening meal you had a larger range of cuisine to choose from, and make your selection from the live fish tanks if you prefer.


Allow us to make some observations of the Fusion Suites. It is located on the North end of the beach in DaNang, and as previously mentioned the property owns all the land from the beach to the edge of the water. It is so nice that you do not have strangers walking up the beach and making use of any of their facilities, and with the pool located on the beach is a perfect setting with a great view of the ocean. The property is built in a high-rise apartment-style and every apartment offers sea views and city views, and DaNang by night is a very pretty city. We were very fortunate to stay in a 2-bedroom family room which consisted of a fully functional kitchen, living area, free wi-fi, and two bedrooms, offering a set of bunk beds for the kids and in the master bedroom, a lovely queen-size bed for parents. The rooms were very spacious and at no time did we feel we were getting in each other’s way, the mattresses on the beds were nice and hard and the wi-fi was very strong and fast.  Located on the roof of the property is a fully operational restaurant and outdoor bar which is a perfect location to watch the sun go down and enjoy a refreshing drink. The beach and city views are wonderful, and we strongly recommend you visit it on more than 1 occasion!  We highly recommend this property is you are looking at a stay on the mid-coast of Vietnam!


The Fusion Suites offers a private car for hire and we used it on several occasions to transfer to and from the old port town of Hoi An. Only a 20-minute drive from DaNang on a 2 lane hwy in each direction, Hoi An is so easy to access from DaNang. For those that are unaware, Hoi An is undoubtedly the tailoring capital of Vietnam however, a great tip for anyone who reads this and does travel to Hoi An, do yourself a favor and explore some of the small, local tailors that are off the beaten track in Hoi An. They are often cheaper, their craftsmanship better and deliver the products in a quicker time frame than many of the larger, more well-known tailors.


Many people think the beach in Hoi An is a great one, ladies and gentlemen, it is not! The beach in Hoi An is not overly deep as far as space and many years ago a rock wall was built to hold the sand in from the water. This is one of the reasons why we recommend the beaches in DaNang to those of Hoi An, in particular, the north end of the beach in DaNang so please, do your research before you book.


DaNang as a city has certainly grown and improved over the past few decades and now righty can claim to be one of Indochina’s great cities. The infrastructure in the city such as roads and footpaths etc have improved considerably and whilst traffic is heavy, it does move. There are several large shopping centres in the city that are of a similar high standard to what we are used to in Australia and a great range of different cuisines on offer, and to this day, my personal opinion is the best Pizza I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy, I did in DaNang at Limoncello Restaurant. Medical facilities in DaNang are of a very high standard and having been admitted to a hospital in DaNang for a few hours personally, I can attest to the high level of expertise and care provided.


DaNang and its surrounds is an area many people who travel to Vietnam don’t consider as a destination in its own right and think more well-known locations such as Hoi An or the old capital of Vietnam, Hue is a better option. Whilst there is an element of truth in this, DaNang also offers a lot to people who want a quieter experience, with a better beach and away from the crowds, and if this you, we strongly recommend you consider a stay with the Fusion Suites and enjoy the surrounding area of DaNang.