I have always held a great respect for international travel as I view it as a method of furthering one’s education of the world. To learn from new cultures, new experiences, and opinions combined contribute to this goal. Whenever I have been fortunate to travel throughout Asia, I have always felt a sense of privilege to amongst people who in many instances have influences, beliefs, experiences, both cultural & historical, far removed from you and I.


It is for these reasons I find Asia so interesting and challenging, with each country holding different beliefs & values from the other and I remain grateful to travel to the region each year.


The portfolio of countries The Ornate Travel Centre Pty Ltd feature is small, deliberately. With 20 years industry experience it is my belief that we don’t need to be a company that sells to all corners of the globe, and is more appropriate to remain small, boutique and ethical in how we conduct ourselves with our travel agent partners, with our on the ground partners in Asia, and with our most important people, our travelling clients. Our partners on the ground are of a similar mindset, well established with extensive support network’s within each country and supporting the ideal’s of smaller is bigger. As a result the product range offered is one that is of a very high standard, competitively priced to offer great value for money, with flexible yet handcrafted itineraries in addition to having experienced on the ground staff so you have piece of mind you are in good hands.


I hope you find the following pages of information helpful and best wishes for a wonderful trip!


Kind Regards,


Simon Breman